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Innovation Pipeline

Oncology Testing Services

LifeNet Health LifeSciences’ Oncology Testing Services is ideal for our partners that work with 3D tumor cultures. Upon request, LifeSciences will embed client-furnished isolated cells from primary tumors, tumor cell lines, or derived from patient-derived xenografts (PDX) into our proprietary human-derived HuBiogelTM hydrogel. HuBiogel, derived from human amnion tissue, is collagen I-, collagen IV-, and laminin-based. It is produced using proprietary processing that avoids denaturation. HuBiogel is optimized to support 3D microtumor growth. Microtiter plates of HuBiogel-supported microtumors, available in a 96-well format, will be returned to you for further research. You can access this service through our Request More Info form.

Day 1
Day 4
Day 14

Calcein-AM stained images of HT29 microtumors embedded in HuBiogel at Day 1, 4, and 14