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LifeNet Health offers a complete portfolio of Human Hepatocyte Media that include thawing, culture, and plating medium as well as necessary supplements

Hepatocyte Media

LifeNet Health LifeSciences’ Human Hepatocyte Media are optimized to enhance the thawing, plating, and culture of primary human hepatocytes.

All media products are designed to provide superior results when used sequentially with our plateable hepatocyte products. Thawing Medium, Culture Medium, and Culture Medium Supplement are recommended for suspension applications.

Human Hepatocyte Thawing Medium, 50 mL

Human Hepatocyte Plating Medium, 250 mL

Serum-containing, Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium (DMEM)-based medium specialized to aid in the attachment of hepatocytes to cultureware

Human Hepatocyte Plating Medium Supplement, 15 mL

Premixed solution designed to supplement 250mL of Human Hepatocyte Plating Medium

Human Hepatocyte Culture Medium, 500 mL

Serum-free, William’s E Medium (WEM)-based medium optimized for the maintenance of hepatocytes in culture

Human Hepatocyte Culture Medium Supplement, 5 mL

Premixed solution designed to supplement 500mL of Human Hepatocyte Culture Medium

  • Optimizes morphology and functionality of hepatocytes
  • Convenient volumes and streamlined protocols
  • Single supplement aliquots are premixed
  • Antibiotic free formula increases investigator control
  • Suitable for various assays including metabolic clearance, induction, transporter, high content imaging, and more
  • Extended shelf life up to 18 months
  • Access to technical expertise and guidance from LifeSciences’ team of scientists
  • Inventory is available to ship immediately
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Prequalified serum batches
  • Reagents meet ACS, USP, or NF standards*
  • Negative for bacteria and fungi

*ACS = American Chemical Society, USP = United States Pharmacopeia, NF = National Formulary