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Changing Science. Accelerating Discovery. Optimizing Outcomes.
LifeNet Health LifeSciences leads the way in human in vitro biology for both non-diseased and diseased research needs. LifeSciences combines innovative, technology-driven research and development programs to create human tissue and cell-based research products and services.

Why Us?
We meet the demand for primary human cells, human tissues, and optimized media for scientific research, drug discovery, and safety testing. The application of 3D human cellular models and the use of human-derived hydrogels enables significant scientific improvements for precise biologic experiments. Our growing portfolio of best-in-class solutions expedites the research curve and enables the scientific community to develop and fine-tune new, safe therapies.



LifeNet Health LifeSciences advances health with the gift of life using superior standards, unsurpassed quality control and exceptional service. Human tissues, human cells, human models.

Your partner in advancing health with the gift of life, our highly skilled team comprises decades of human in vitro biology expertise. With over 100 publications and patents, our scientists leverage their experience to provide state-of-the art solutions to the most pressing therapeutic challenges.

LifeSciences focuses on solutions which leverage our transplant infrastructure:

  •  Dedicated quality standards and protocols that maintain the integrity of tissues and cells
  •  Extensive inventory supporting a wide variety of applications
  •  Comprehensive Certificate of Analysis eliminating unknown donor variables
  •  Donor-matched healthy and diseased tissues and cells