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Hepatocyte Thawing Medium

New, Optimized Thawing medium Maximizes Post-Thaw Hepatocyte Yield

Primary human hepatocytes (PHH), available through LifeNet Health LifeSciences, are the gold standard for in vitro evaluation of metabolism, drug-drug interaction, and toxicity studies. Protecting cell viability during the thawing protocol is critically important to achieve maximum post-thaw PHH yield. Traditionally, thawing medium has required storage at -20oC to maintain stability over time. LifeNet Health has developed a new and improved thaw medium, with stable storage at 4oC, that is optimized to maximize post-thaw PHH yield and viability consistently over long-term storage.

Benefits include:

  • Our new optimized thawing medium maximizes the number of hepatocytes recovered after cryopreservation by an average of 34%.
  • The new formulation eliminates the need for a filtration step, making it easier than ever to use.
  • Extended shelf life provides greater flexibility in workflow timelines.

Cell Yields Improve an Average of 34%

Use of our new thaw medium versus the old frozen thaw medium increased the post-thaw yield of PHHs for three separate lots with an average increase of 34%.

Optimized thawing medium increased post-thaw hepatocyte yield by an average of 34%


Percent Change in Cell Yield


Stable Storage Proven Through 12 Months

The post-thaw PHH yield and viability after using the new thaw medium are consistent over time, through 13 months of storage, demonstrating the stability of the new thaw medium stored at 4oC.

Hepatocyte Yield Per Vial Over Time Stable for 13 Months


Hepatocyte Viability per Vial Stable through 13 Months