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Cell-Based Assay Services

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Advanced In Vitro Cytotoxicity, ADME, and Biocompatibility Testing

LifeNet Health LifeSciences now offers cell-based assay services, under the direction of industry leader James McKim, PhD, DABT, following the acquisition of IONTOX. We are dedicated to improving alternative methods for predicting adverse effects from drug or chemical exposure. We deliver high-quality results, fast — bringing simplicity to your biggest data challenges.

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Biocompatibility Assays

Cytotoxicity Assays


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Microphysiological System

What Sets Us Apart

  • High scientific quality
  • Timely turnaround
  • Custom research and development
  • Adaptable options, in partnership with customers, based on early results
  • Expert regulatory guidance
  • 60-plus years of combined in vitro testing experience
  • Good Laboratory Practice-compliant     

Our Testing Process


We take a partnership approach, which begins by working closely with you to identify your unique testing needs. Our team of experts then design a customized study plan to achieve your desired outcomes – with a focus on regulatory requirements.

Assay Development

We develop and validate your customized assay using many different cell models, with an emphasis on all-human primary cells and biospecimens to simulate in vivo conditions, which provides more relevant, reliable results than traditional testing methods.

Data Analysis

Our team of skilled scientists carefully analyze the data to determine a toxicity or safety profile. Our partnership continues through this stage, with the possibility of providing adaptable options as needed based on early results.

Results Review

We provide clear, concise reports that outline methods used, results and their significance – bringing simplicity to your biggest data challenges.