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LifeNet Health strengthens its LifeSciences Division with Samsara Sciences asset acquisition

November 07, 2019

Virginia Beach, VA. - LifeNet Health, the world's leading provider of regenerative medicine solutions, has acquired the assets of Samsara Sciences, a San Diego-based life sciences company specializing in human primary liver and kidney cell isolation. The acquisition includes Samsara's equipment, inventory and associated technology.

"These assets complement our primary cell programs, which provide vital resources for discovering safe, effective therapies," said LifeNet Health President and CEO Rony Thomas. "We continue to invest in this area and collaborate closely with pharmaceutical and biomedical research organizations to support breakthroughs in patient care."

Since its establishment in 2016, LifeNet Health's LifeSciences Division has leveraged its vertically integrated, nationwide logistical and technical infrastructure to deliver innovative, technology-driven preclinical research programs. LifeNet Health's unique expertise in tissue and cell recovery makes it a uniquely qualified catalyst for pioneering advances in life sciences and translational research.

The Samsara assets will be incorporated into LifeNet Health's San Diego facility, which opened in May 2019. The expanded capabilities there will ensure greater availability and more efficient access to cells for scientists and research organizations on the West Coast. The San Diego location is part of a nationwide network that includes research facilities in North Carolina and Virginia where more than 20 world-class scientists and subject-matter experts are focused on recovering and isolating a range of human primary cells.

Primary cells represent an important and growing resource for advanced biomedical research. These highly specific cells are a critical means of understanding how therapies affect organs and systems in the human body, as opposed to relying on animal models or immortalized cell lines. This provides biologically valid information to guide the development of new treatments.

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