April 16, 2018

Chicago, Ill. – April 16, 2018 — LifeNet Health’s HuBiogel microtumor system — the only 3D fully- human tissue-like bioassay platform — provides investigators a vital tool for accelerating preclinical research and drug development. This cell-culture technology is an in vitro biology platform that replicates how cancer cells react to drug treatments in vivo. Unlike common 2D systems, 3D human tumor models enable precise, biologically accurate analysis of multiple endpoints crucial for preclinical and translational oncology programs.

LifeNet Health’s LifeSciences Division will feature its HuBiogel microtumor assay systems which are suitable for high-throughput screening of multiple classes of agents and biologicals, at the annual American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting in Chicago (Booth 3146).

“Our HuBiogel assay platform accelerates preclinical drug discovery and validation by offering a cost- and time-effective solution and benefits over other in vitro systems,” said Jingsong Chen, MD, General Manager of the LifeSciences Division. “We can test the efficacy and response of single or combination drugs with unprecedented precision. HuBiogel technology also accelerates translational drug discovery via integration with genomic and proteomic platforms.”

HuBiogel replicates the multicellular biology and microenvironment found in vivo, allowing the creation of fully-human microtumors with high correlation in functional, genomic and kinomic profiles with results from NCI-60 and PDx models. Its unique compositional and biological properties allow for proper 3D cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions and enable gene and biomarker expression as found in the human body.

“This milestone advancement signals LifeNet Health’s emergence in the field of oncology and cancer diagnostics,” said Rony Thomas, President and CEO of LifeNet Health. “Our development efforts are focused on supporting oncologists and their teams in the quest to provide the most effective therapy for each patient’s tumor traits by leveraging LifeNet Health’s technology infrastructure.”

LifeNet Health’s LifeSciences Division offers human tissue and cell-based in vitro biology platforms by leveraging its innovative, technology-driven transplantation and preclinical research programs. The LifeSciences Division vertically integrated human tissue recovery and cell preparation supports the increasing demands for human biospecimens, primary cells and hepatocytes for scientific research, drug discovery and safety testing. The application of three dimensional matrices and human cellular models will enable significant scientific improvements for more relevant biologic experiments.

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